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Patchew Documentation


Patchew, pronounced as /pæ'tʃu:/, is a system built to automatically chew patches that are submitted as emails on mailing lists.

What can it do, exactly?

It can:

  • Collect and index the patch series.
  • Apply the patch series on top of git master, and push to a git remote.
  • Trigger customizable tests when a series appears.
  • Support multiple testers with that run in different environments.
  • Send email notification when a test fails.
  • Recognize various statuses (picking up "Reviewed-by", "Tested-by", etc.) of the patch series from the patch email and replies.
  • Search or apply series from the command line.
  • Deploy your server to openshift instantly.
  • Manage multiple projects with separate configurations.

Submit a feature request or a bug report

Alternatively, send an email to if you prefer so.

Submit a patch

We accept PR on github for one-off/small contributions but it is encouraged to submit your patches with git-send-email to the Patchew development and discussion mailing list,

Known issues

  • Binary patches are not recognized correctly.


See LICENSE file.

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