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Newswall CI

Inspired by the e-ink newspaper project (HN post; original idea by Max Braun), this is a pure node.js port of graiz/newsprint

  1. Install yarn e.g. using brew:
brew install yarn
  1. Checkout this repo:
git clone
cd newswall/
  1. The server is a simple expressjs app. Running it locally:
yarn && yarn dev

Then open http://localhost:3000 in your browser. You can now point your e-ink display to http://localhost:3000/latest

  1. Run tests:
yarn test

Most of the papers come from The Freedom Forum - please consider supporting them.

My Setup

I use the 32-inch Visionect display which can be easily configured in their online portal to point to any website (this is currently deployed on My excellent local framing shop made a custom frame for me that not only hides the manufacturer's logo on the frame but also hides a small portable powerbank that makes it easy to recharge the display without taking the frame off the wall. I have a little util which uses their API to overlay a little battery status on the bottom of the newspaper being shown.

My Frame


Rotate and display latest newspapers on e-ink display