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Kubernetes local cluster helper
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K8S Local cluster helper


Run make install-linux


k8s <command> [arguments]


If is the first time you execute the script, you will be asked to answer a few questions. Please be sincere and provide the information requested.

The questions are:

Where do you keep the projects?
Where do you keep the k8s configs?

Provide absolute path.

Help command

Run the following commands for help:

k8s --help
k8s -help

Commands using kubectl

These commands will apply/delete/create the yaml configuration yaml files for your kubernetes cluster.

k8s kubectl apply [package]
k8s kubectl delete [package]
k8s kubectl create [package]

The command is recursive and it will execute the command on all the yaml files found in the package, except for an file called build.yml or build.yaml.

Commands using docker

k8s build [package] OR
k8s build -tag [tag] [package]

The build package will build your Dockerfiles based on specifications from build.yml or build.yaml.

Minimum required format build.yml file:

    - tag: "mycoolapp:latest"
      path: "infrastructure/mycoolapp"
    - tag: "mycoolappdb:3fr5310"
      path: "infrastructure/mycoolapp/db"
      dockerfile: "DB_Dockerfile"


  • tag: the tag used to build your docker image
  • path: the path to docker context. If is not prefixed with "/", it will be relative to your projects' folder from config file.
  • dockerfile: name of the dockerfile, if multiple names - optional. Default: Dockerfile

Tag specifications:

A tag can be set either in YAML file mycoolapp:latest where latest is the tag or using the -- tag flag.

The tag will apply to all docker images created.

@author Dumitru Alexandru

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