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  • Fixed an issue with rotation which resulted in incorrect scaling (#15). Now handling page bounds transforms with individual matrices.
  • Rotation and scaling information is now in bookmarks and state when exiting.
  • Tools menu shows action and sub-actions, e.g. to delete bookmarks.
  • Fixed tools menu pixelation issue due to scaling font

@pathway27 pathway27 released this Sep 15, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Added ability to zoom and rotate
Re-open file after waking from sleep due to #9 and #13
Using latest MuPDF (v1.13.0)
Added select menu (Press select when reading) for other functions

  • Bookmarks
  • Book Traversal
  • Fit to Width/Height
  • Rotation
Feb 24, 2018


fix: remove screen up/down dupl.

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Doubling newlib heap size to allow high res. files
Button preferences save correctly
Load scrolled state correctly
Save state on page turn
Version number now looks cooler ⚡️

@pathway27 pathway27 released this Feb 18, 2018 · 58 commits to master since this release

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Save/load state when closing/opening book
Main Menu looking similar to orig.
Analog panning has bounds
Free icon/logo textures


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Assets 3


Changed project to GPLv3 and replace old mupdf with upstream fork of 1.12.0
Note: Statically linking MuPDF has made binary significantly bigger
CMake will pull and build mupdf via git; due to size and number of submodules


Now rendering all documents handled by MuPDF; needs more user testing
BKMUDocument replacing old PSP BKPDF class (has too much PSP specific code)...
Page traversal using Triangle and Square (Isn't this Un-Intuitive?); D-Pad panning only vertically for now
Page fits to width by default
Added more specific debug definitions for rendering, since they eat stdout like cookie monster eating
Can pan using analog left stick, but it's hard to get it back to fit-to-width due to panning sensitivity
Banner shows page loading and page number on change; investigate animation smoothing
Add "DEBUG" flag only on the "Debug" cmake build type; Add accepted files to Logo
Fix for crash due to GPU memory leak: free-ing texture before drawing page

Visual Studio & Desktop

Dependencies now auto fetched via cmake ExternalProject_Add
Shared libraries and binary output in same dir.


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TXT Files.

Feb 11, 2017
BookrV8.1 by nguyenchitam - 16/08/06
Bookr V8.1 by Nguyen Chi Tam (nguyenchitam@gmail.com)
- Fixed crash when opening PDF file which has many pages.
- Enhance MuPDF, uses less memory.
- Merged with latest source code from CVS with following enhancements:
   + DJVU support by Yang.Hu (findreams at gmail dot com)
   + Control/GUI enhancements by Christian Payeur (christian dot payeur at gmail dot com)

Bookr V8.0 by Nguyen Chi Tam (nguyenchitam@gmail.com)
- Uses internal Internet Browser to display CHM/HTML files.
- Can convert Vietnamese HTML content to display on Internet Browser (which
at the moment does not support Vietnamese Codepage)
- Uses swap button correctly
Feb 11, 2017
Bookr V8.1 HBS by HomebrewStore Development Team
The HomebrewStore Development Team has released a signed version of the
Bookr homebrew app, a document reader for the Sony PSP licensed under
the GNU General Public License v2. According to the devs, this version
works on all official PlayStation Portable firmwares including OFW 6.39.

  Minor code edits to support official firmware

Source code can be obtained at hbstore.screeze.com/bookr.zip