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Containers and continuous delivery workshop on AWS
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Welcome to the "Containers and continuous delivery workshop on AWS"

Hello and welcome to the containers and continuous delivery workshop on AWS! Please, read the instructions below carefully.

1. It's all about containers!

We will walk you through the very basics of containers: from installing and configuring Docker, running containers locally, deploying them on AWS container services like Elastic Container Service (ECS), through implementing a Continuous Delivery pipeline for your containerized application.

2. Let's use Cloud9 as our integrated development environment!

We strongly recommend you spinning up a Cloud9 environment.

For that purpose we will launch an AWS CloudFormation template on our next section 01-EnvironmentSetup.

3. We strongly recommend you running this workshop in the following order:

4. Enough jibber jabber...

You can start the workshop by clicking on the following button:

start workshop

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