Simple WebGL Fragment Shader Editor
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Friendly GLSL Shader editor based on Codemirror compatible with glslViewer (C++/OpenGL ES) and glslCanvas (JS/WebGL).

Was originaly develop to work as a embebed editor for The Book of Shaders. But now have grown as a stand alone Web app. Thanks to their compatibility with other apps of this ecosystems like glslViewer that runs in the RaspberryPi directly from console, GlslEditor interact with other projects like allowing the user to export the shaders to frames with only one button.

You can use it directly from or host one on your own website by including the two build files: glslEditor.css and glslEditor.js:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

You can also install it through npm:

npm install glslEditor --save

And then you are ready to use it by passing an DOM element or query selector string, and a set of options;

    <div id="glsl_editor"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    const glslEditor = new GlslEditor('#glsl_editor', { 
        canvas_size: 500,
        canvas_draggable: true,
        theme: 'monokai',
        multipleBuffers: true,
        watchHash: true,
        fileDrops: true,
        menu: true

This is a list of all the options you can set up:

Property type description default
canvas_size number Initial square size of the shader canvas 250
canvas_width number Initial width of the shader canvas 250
canvas_height number Initial height of the shader canvas 250
canvas_draggable bool Enables dragging, resizing and snaping capabilities to the shader canvas false
canvas_follow bool Enables the shader canvas to follow the curser false
theme string Codemirror style to use on the editor "default"
menu bool Adds a menu that contain: 'new', 'open', 'save' and 'share' options false
multipleBuffers bool Allows the creation of new tabs false
fileDrops bool Listen to Drag&Drop events false
watchHash bool Listen to changes on the wash path to load files false
frag_header string Adds a hidden header to every shader before compiling ""
frag_footer string Adds a hidden footer to every shader before compiling ""

Some of the features features

  • Inline Color picker and 3D vector picker for '''vec3''

  • Inline Trackpad for '''vec2'''

  • Slider for floats

  • Inline error display

  • Breakpoints for variables


  • Twitter sharing options
  • Facebook sharing options

  • Open modal from url, log or file

  • Uniform widgets

  • Time widget
  • Texture inspector


Patricio Gonzalez Vivo: github | twitter | website


Special thanks to Lou Huang. glslEditor born from learned leassons on TangramPlay. His code and wizdom is all arround this project.