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Share the Sunshine README


This Flask application drives the Share a Sunshine website and ecommerce functionality. It uses Stripe to enable payment processing, and Bootstrap for the visual grid and reponsive layout in addition to JS functionality. Bourbon is used for CSS3 mixins.


This application is laid out using the following conventions:

  • Contains the "share" form and authentication form for reporting access
  • Contains the database models for CouponCodes, Products, Purchases, Users, Testimonials and Messages
  • Contains the view logic for the homepage, payment processing, thanks, terms and error pages as well as admin access for reporting
  • Contains app configuration information
  • util/ Contains the asset minifaction directives for CSS and JS files
  • Is used in development to fire up the development server (not used in production)
  • Fires the actual app for production use, and also contains error logging/reporting functions

Templates are the templates directory, and static files (js, css, images) are the the static directory.

All requirements are contained in the requirements.txt file.

Error reporting

Application errors are logged in a log file and are emailed to the admin set in the config file.