ParanoiDF - PDF Analysis Suite based on PeePDF by Jose Miguel Esparza ( Tools added: Password cracking, redaction recovery, DRM removal, malicious JavaScript extraction, and more.
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The swiss army knife of PDF Analysis Tools. Based on peepdf - This README builds on the peepdf README.

This tool was developed as part of my M.Sc dissertation/project for the School of Computing (University of Kent, Canterbury, UK). The man behind the idea for this tool was Julio Hernandez-Castro (

Home Page




  • In order to crack passwords:
    • PdfCrack needed (apt-get install pdfcrack)
  • In order to remove DRM (editing, copying Etc.):
    • Calibre's ebook-convert needed (apt-get install calibre)
  • In order to decrypt PDFs:
    • qpdf needed (apt-get install qpdf)
  • In order to use the command redact:
    • NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit) needed (apt-get install python-nltk)
    • Java (Stanford parser is written in Java) needed (apt-get install default-jre)
  • To support XML output "lxml" is needed:
  • Included modules: lzw, colorama, jsbeautifier, ccitt, pythonaes (Thanks to all the developers!!)


No installation is needed apart of the commented dependencies, just execute:



There are two important options when ParanoidF is executed:

-f: Ignores the parsing errors. Analysing malicious files propably leads to parsing errors, so this parameter should be set. -l: Sets the loose mode, so does not search for the endobj tag because it's not obligatory. Helpful with malformed files.

  • Simple execution

Shows the statistics of the file after being decoded/decrypted and analysed:

python [options] pdf_file
  • Interactive console

Executes the interactive console, giving a wide range of tools to play with.

python -i 
  • Batch execution

It's possible to use a commands file to specify the commands to be executed in the batch mode. This type of execution is good to automatise analysis of several files:

python [options] -s script_file 

Some Hints

If the information shown when a PDF file is parsed is not enough to know if it's harmful or not, the following commands can help to do it:

  • tree

Shows the tree graph of the file or specified version. Here we can see suspicious elements.

  • offsets

Shows the physical map of the file or the specified version of the document. This is helpful to see unusual big objects or big spaces between objects.

  • search

Search the specified string or hexadecimal string in the objects (decoded and encrypted streams included).

  • object/rawobject

Shows the (raw) content of the object.

  • stream/rawstream

Shows the (raw) content of the stream.

TODO (with date that I intend to start work on)


  • Refine and test redaction thresholds: 30/08/2014
  • Add automation of retrieval of redaction box information such as font size, font and redaction box coordinates: 30/08/2014
  • Add other encryption algorithms (such as the AES): 1/10/2014
  • Digital Signatures analysis: 1/10/2014
  • Add a GUI


Feel free to send bugs/criticisms/praises/comments to patrickdw123(at)gmail(dot)com.