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A portable version of WordPress using PHPDesktop and SQLite
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A portable version of WordPress using PHPDesktop and SQLite

Using PHP Desktop desktop GUI framework for IE, a complete working version of WordPress using the SQLite database


  1. Download PHPDesktop from
  2. Download these files or clone in Git.
  3. Extract the files and copy phpdesktop-msie.exe to this folder
  4. Double click phpdesktop-msie.exe to launch
  5. Scroll down to Log In link and click link.
  6. Use the userid: admin and password: password


PHP Desktop ->

SQLite ->

Additional Tips

php.ini: max_execution_time must be increased to 90 (default was 30)

settings.json: port number must be defined to 8080 (default was 0), otherwise WordPress will not run on subsequent launches

wordpress.db: place outside the root path in ../data and specify in the wp-config.php

Deploy on LAMP

  1. Copy the entire www folder to your Linux server (www -> public_html or htdocs, NOT public_html/www)

  2. Copy the entire data folder to your Linux server, outside the root

  3. Ensure Linux file permissions are set properly

Example of Live WordPress-SQLite site

The archive file contains the phpdesktop-msie executable. Download the archive, extract and then click on the executable.

Scroll down the page and press Login and the login credentials are: admin and password

You can run from a USB drive to preview projects for a client when internet connectivity is not suitable.

Donations Appreciated & Accepted

Click (or copy & paste) here:

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