Custom core files for enable composite primary keys in your CakePHP 2.x project
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Composite Primary Keys in CakePHP 2.x

You need first

  • CakePHP 2.x project


This is not a good pratice for database modeling, so, the recommended is use just a simple primary key:

    -- in mysql
    id int not null primary key

    -- in postgresql
    id serial primary key


  • Download (not clone) this repostory with zip (link at right).
  • Extract the zip file in a temp folder (out of your CakePHP project)
  • Open the folder created and copy the folder Lib. This folder contain all files you need.
  • Paste in your app folder for your Project, like that: /your-project/app/
  • Now you need add some code in your mode with composite primary keys:
    public $primaryKey = false;
    public $compositePrimaryKey = array('key_one', 'key_two', 'key..........');


Model id

Now, if you do $this->YOUR_MODEL->id, you get an array like that:

    'id' => array(
        'key_one' => value_of_key,
        'key_two' => value_of_key,
        'key_three' => value_of_key

You wanna help? Send a pull request!

Sorry for my english, and of course, THANKS SO MUCH!