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Optimus Sitemap Generator (OSG) is a universal XML sitemap generator that works
by crawling your website, avoiding excessive bandwidth overhead by only scanning
the contents of pages that have changed since the last time the sitemap was

== Installation

Download OSG from http://patrickmylund.com/projects/osg/

If you have Go installed, you can run: go get github.com/pmylund/osg
(an osg binary will be added to your GOPATH/bin folder)

Note: You do not need to have Go installed to run the stand-alone version.

== Usage

OSG takes the name of a sitemap, and a list of the pages from which crawling
should begin. Any files linked to will be included in the sitemap, and pages'
links will be followed automatically. OSG will not crawl outside the domain
of a given link (to do this, list a page on each domain to include in the

  ./osg sitemap.xml example.com
  ./osg sitemap.xml example.com/category1 example.com/category2
  ./osg -v sitemap.xml example.com

Run osg without any arguments for details, like how to ignore robots directives
like nofollow, or how to exclude particular URL patterns.

See http://patrickmylund.com/projects/osg/ for more information.