Example implementation of Mongosync and Distill
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Mongosync + Distill + Meteor (example)

This module demonstrates the capability of the Mongosync module.

It implements into hook_mongosync_entity_insert_preprocess, and uses Distill to process the entities into that Mongodb (compatable with a specific Meteor schema) can consume.


This module is meant to be a demonstration-piece for a presentation on Meteor and Drupal integration, and building reactive Drupal applications. It is meant to sync data between a Drupal site, and this Meteor application.

Keep in mind that this is purely conceptual. I'm currently working on other projects that implement the ideas demonstrated in this module in a modular way, so stay tuned :)


  • Install Mongosync, and configure it to point to your Meteor app.
  • Install Distill.
  • Install this module
  • Create a content type that you would like to sync with Meteor.
  • Configure Mongosync to sync that entity to a sensible collection.
  • Create an entity of that content type.
  • Ensure that the entity is processed, and sent to Meteor.