Using Vue with Airtable's Study Guide Template
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Using Vue with Airtable's Study Guide Template

Project Walkthrough here.

This is just a simple project to help others get more familiar with using Vue and Airtable.

Get some experience with the following:

  • v-on:change / @change event
  • v-for and :key
  • v-bind / :
  • Using Axios to get, post, put and delete records.
  • Computed properties and how they relate to data properties.

About Me - Junior Dev for Life

I learn best by looking at the code others have written and building things.

In my own learning journey I have often been frustrated with the lack of simple, to-the-point code examples.

Rather, there seems to be an over-abundance of lengthy tutorials that often teach too many things to absorb effectively.

The short projects I publish are my attempt to provide succinct illustrations of a handful of new concepts along with a few ideas on how to practice.

Any and all constructive feedback and requests are very welcome.