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Cloud Native Software Engineering

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  1. Measurements and examples for @afronski talk titled "Functional Programming in Serverless World".

    Shell 6 2

  2. Simple Groovy templating wrapper that generates Rx Observables/Completables over JAX-WS client

    Java 2

  3. Source code, scripts and tools used for workshop titled "Amazon SageMaker in Practice". We have performed it on the conferences and meet-ups listed below in a README file.

    Jupyter Notebook 3

  4. REST service to present Spring Boot and OAuth2 integration.

    Java 89 30

  5. Source code from the talk "Serverless .NET on AWS" made by @afronski ☎️ Example: Automatic On-call Roster Management!


  6. Set of extensions for Erlang's xmerl library (CDATA, XML entities, DTD definitions).

    Erlang 5


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