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Upgrading to Version 1.6

Version 1.6 completes the removal of deprecated functionality for working with password hashes originally created by versions before 1.3. This release can no longer be used to verify passwords using hashes stored in the old format. Before moving to 1.6, you should ensure that any old code and database entries have been upgraded as described below for version 1.5.

Upgrading to Version 1.5

Version 1.5 starts the process of removing old, deprecated functionality. This will be completed in version 1.6, which will probably be timed to go into LTS Haskell 7.0.

Ever since 1.3, released two years ago, the salt for newly generated passwords has been stored as part of the password hash, rather than as a separate field. However, for compatibility with databases designed for earlier versions and password hashes produced by those versions, the HashDBUser type class retained methods to set and get a separate salt field. These methods were explicitly deprecated in version 1.4.1, and are now being removed in two stages.

The first stage is to remove the setter methods. This is likely to make old code fail in compilation now, providing a reminder that both code and database need to be migrated urgently! At the moment, the getter for the salt remains a method of the type class, so any existing old-style password hashes, with separate salt, can still be verified.

The second stage, in version 1.6, will finally remove the getter for the salt, and it will not be possible to use old-style password hashes at all.

If your database model does not have a separate salt field, and you do not declare setSaltAndPasswordHash or setUserHashAndSalt in your HashDBUser instance, you can ignore the next section, otherwise read on!

Additionally some utilities have been removed. These were deprecated, but were unrelated to the salt. See the section at the end for details.

Compatibility with Old Databases

The HashDBUser type class no longer has the method setSaltAndPasswordHash or its older synonym setUserHashAndSalt. These were used for setting a separate salt field in a user record. If you see compilation errors as a result of this change, you should take it as a final warning to complete the migration of old database models!

Fixing the Compilation Error

Fixing the compilation error is easy: you must define setPasswordHash instead. Temporarily, while completing the migration, make sure that setPasswordHash sets the salt field of the user to the empty string.

You should retain your implementation of userPasswordSalt until the database migration has been completed, and users no longer have a separate salt field.

As an example, you might have a HashDBUser instance something like this:

instance HashDBUser User where
    userPasswordHash = userPassword
    userPasswordSalt = userSalt       -- Until salt field removed completely
    setPasswordHash h u =
        u { userSalt     = Just "",   -- Until salt field removed completely
            userPassword = Just h

Migrating an Old Database

A new password must be set for any user who still has a non-empty salt field; this will ensure that the salt is set to the empty string, which is a special value indicating that it is unused.

  1. Inspect the database to determine if any user still has non-empty salt in a separate field associated with their password.

  2. A new password must be set for any such user (ie any user who still has non-empty salt). Depending on your application, this might need to be done by the user in question, or by an administrator.

  3. After step 2, all users will have empty salt. You should now remove the separate salt field from the model, remove your implementation of userPasswordSalt from your HashDBUser instance, and remove the empty-string setting of the salt from setPasswordHash.

Note that you cannot simply use the upgradePasswordHash function to upgrade the database entries, since it keeps any existing salt value. A new password must be set.

Deprecated Utilities

The following, which have been deprecated for at least a year, have also been removed in version 1.5: