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An HTTP library for Ruby that takes advantage of everything HTTP has to offer.
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Resourceful provides a convenient Ruby API for making HTTP requests.


  • GET, PUT, POST and DELETE HTTP requests
  • HTTP Basic and Digest authentication
  • HTTP Caching with pluggable backends
  • Follow redirects based on the results of a callback

More Info


Getting started

gem install resourceful

Simplest example

require 'resourceful'
resp = Resourceful.get('')
puts resp.body

Get a page requiring HTTP Authentication

my_realm_authenticator ='My Realm', 'admin', 'secret')
http = => my_realm_authenticator)
resp = http.resource('').get
puts resp.body

Redirection based on callback results

Resourceful will by default follow redirects on read requests (GET and HEAD), but not for POST, etc. If you want to follow a redirect after a post, you will need to set the resource#on_redirect callback. If the callback evaluates to true, it will follow the redirect.

resource = http.resource('')
resource.on_redirect { |req, resp| resp.header['Location'] =~ / }
resource.get  # Will only follow the redirect if the new location is

Post a URL encoded form

 require 'resourceful'
 http =
 resp = http.resource('http://mysite.example/service').
          post( => 'test', :level => 'super'))

Post a Mulitpart form with a file

 require 'resourceful'
 http =
 form_data = => 'me')
 form_data.add_file('avatar', '/tmp/my_avatar.png', 'image/png')
 resp = http.resource('http://mysite.example/service').post(form_data)

Put an XML document

 require 'resourceful'
 http =
 resp = http.resource('http://mysite.example/service').
          put('<?xml version="1.0"?><test/>', :content_type => 'application/xml')

Delete a resource

 require 'resourceful'
 http =
 resp = http.resource('http://mysite.example/service').delete


Copyright (c) 2008 Absolute Performance, Inc, Peter Williams. Released under the MIT License.

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