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fusionCSS V3.3.0

fusionCSS is a simple responsive HTML5 and CSS toolkit supporting nested grids created by @paularlott.

You can use fusionCSS to rapidly prototype and build responsive web pages and apps that work across a wide range of devices. The key features of fusionCSS are:

  • Nestable fluid grid system
  • Works on virtually anything
  • Built with LESS
  • Minimal, fusionCSS doesn't try to do design for you
  • Native support for fusionCSS in fusionLib and clearFusionCMS

Getting Started with fusionCSS

Default Build

The easiest way to start using fusionCSS within your projects is to copy the pre-compiled CSS and JavaScript files into your project and reference them:

  • css/fusion.min.css
  • js/fusionCSS.js

Within the head section of your HTML document you should have:

<script src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/fusionCSS.js"></script>

Custom Build

To build a fusionCSS, edit the .less files within the less folder and then:

  • Invoke gulp, the default operation will compile the less files and minimise the JavaScript, the output will be placed into the css and js folders.