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#WebSocket Samples This repository is a collection of WebSocket samples for .NET 4.5

##Getting Started To be able to compile and run you will need the Windows 8 release preview. Detailed instructions on the setup process are here.

##Included Samples

ASP.NET WebSocket Echo

The AspNetWebSocketEcho sample is a simple WebSocket echo server implemented using an IHttpHandler. Includes annotated source.

HttpListener WebSocket + ClientWebSocket

This sample is another echo sample but this one is a binary streaming echo using the ClientWebSocket type (new in Win8 Release Preview) as the client and HttpListener as the server.

WCF Echo

Yet another echo sample, this one is the WCF version of the AspNetWebSocketEcho.


The AspNetChat sample demonstrates using the Broadcast method on WebSocketCollection for implementing a simple chat server.

WCF Chat

This is the WCF version of the chat app. Very similar to ASP.NET Chat.

WCF NetHttpBinding

The WCFNetHttpBinding sample demonstrates traditional WCF service based development using the new NetHttpBinding. This binding uses WebSockets automatically when used with a duplex contract (i.e. a contract that has a callback contract).

##Other Samples If you are looking for Push Frenzy, the game I demonstrated in my BUILD 2011 talk, it has its own repository: