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<html xmlns=""
<head th:substituteby="header :: copy"></head>
<h1>Support Friendly Error Page</h1>
<!-- As we are using Thymeleaf, you might consider using
${#httpServletRequest.requestURL}. But that returns the path
to this error page. Hence we explicitly add the url to the
Model in some of the example code. -->
<p th:if="${url}">
<b>Page:</b> <span th:text="${url}">Page URL</span>
<p th:if="${timestamp}" id='created'>
<b>Occurred:</b> <span th:text="${timestamp}">Timestamp</span>
<p th:if="${status}">
<b>Response Status:</b> <span th:text="${status}">status-code</span> <span
th:if="${error}" th:text="'('+${error}+')'">error ...</span>
<p>Application has encountered an error. Please contact support on
<p>Support may ask you to right click to view page source.</p>
// Hidden Exception Details - this is not a recommendation, but here is
// how you hide an exception in the page using Thymeleaf
<div th:utext="'&lt;!--'" th:remove="tag"></div>
<div th:utext="'Failed URL: ' + ${url}" th:remove="tag">${url}</div>
<div th:utext="'Exception: ' + ${exception.message}" th:remove="tag">${exception.message}</div>
<ul th:remove="tag">
<li th:each="ste : ${exception.stackTrace}" th:remove="tag"><span
th:utext="${ste}" th:remove="tag">${ste}</span></li>
<div th:utext="'--&gt;'" th:remove="tag"></div>
<div th:substituteby="footer :: copy"></div>