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* Get one-shot "just do it" functionality
* Use external ffmpeg
* Fix exec script
* FFmpeg/libfaac/whatever from source, statically compiled
* Daemon mode (frontend/backend separation)
* Simple queue of files to encode
* Ramaze daemon running video podcasts to local machine
Pre 0.1:
(All done!)
* Linux package
* Investigate what other encoders (Handbrake et al.) are doing
* Fancy web front-end
* Advertise using Zeroconf
* OSX disk image, perhaps using JRuby
* Use Taglib to read/write tag information, and present in podcast entries
* Works in Win32
* Completely platform-appropriate behavior (follows Windows conventions on Win32, etc)
* Windows installer
* Monitoring FFmpeg output (without confusing rb!)
* Daemon control interface, script to kick off encoder run
* Dir change notifications on Linux, OSX
* Running daemon instant on-demand
* Add Amazon ads to page