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AES Crypt

This is a branch of the soure repository for the AES Crypt software available from This branch has a few more build options than the master code available from directly.

AES Crypt was initially developed for Windows and then later ported to Linux. Other versions of the software, including Mac, Java, Android, and iOS, were created, most of which were derived from the Linux code.

The code for each platform is stored in a directory for that platform (e.g., Windows and Linux). A "readme" file exists in each that provides any additional information that might be useful for that platform.

Some of the source code is not yet published here, though all source code is still available from

The code in this repository is the current development code and may contain code that has not been fully tested. As a new version binary is released and a version number associated with it, the source code and binary will be posted to


File Encryption software for multiple platforms



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