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import pyparsing as pp
from utils import unweave, areinstances
from agent import Agent, Budgeter, BudgetedAgent
from amplify.message import Message, Pointer, Channel, Referent, addressed_message
def HCH(H, n=int(1e8)):
return Budgeter(BudgetedHCH(H), n)
class BudgetedHCH(BudgetedAgent):
HCH transforms an Agent that operates on text
into a better-resourced BudgetedAgent that operates on messages.
The total bandwidth of HCH(H) is limited by the bandwidth of H.
def __init__(self, H, child_base=None, args=()):
self.H = H
self.args = args
#by default, children are copies of self
self.child_base = self if child_base is None else child_base
assert self.well_formed()
def child(self):
return self.child_base
def well_formed(self):
return (
isinstance(self.H, Agent) and
isinstance(self.child_base, BudgetedHCH) and
areinstances(self.args, Referent)
def act(self, obs, budget):
state = self
while True:
message = state.view_message(obs)
if budget < 0:
raise Exception("It really shouldn't be possible to get to < 0 budget.")
elif budget == 0:
message += "\n[You have no budget, type a message to reply]"
message += "\n[Remaining budget is {}]".format(budget)
response, new_H = state.H.act(message)
state = BudgetedHCH(new_H, state.child_base, state.args + obs.args)
if budget <= 0:
return parse_message(response), state, 0
command = parse_command(response)
obs, done, return_value, spending = command.execute(state, budget)
budget -= spending
if done: return return_value, state, budget
def view_message(self, message):
n = len(self.args)
k = message.size
return message.format_with_indices(range(n, n+k))
class Command(object):
def execute(self, env):
raise NotImplemented()
class Ask(Command):
def __init__(self, message, budget=None, recipient=None):
self.message = message
self.recipient_channel = recipient
self.budget = budget
def execute(self, env, budget):
default_budget = budget / 10
max_budget = budget - 1
sub_budget = min(max_budget, self.budget if self.budget is not None else default_budget)
message = addressed_message(env, self.message.instantiate(env.args))
if self.recipient_channel is None:
recipient = env.child()
recipient = self.recipient_channel.instantiate(env.args).agent
response, recipient, remaining = recipient.act(message, sub_budget)
return addressed_message(recipient, response), False, None, sub_budget-remaining + 1
class View(Command):
def __init__(self, message):
self.message = message
def execute(self, env, budget):
return self.message.instantiate(env.args), False, None, 1
class Return(Command):
def __init__(self, message):
self.message = message
def execute(self, env, budget):
return None, True, self.message.instantiate(env.args), 1
class Reflect(Command):
def execute(self, env, budget):
return Message("you are []", Channel(env)), False, None, 1
class MalformedCommand(Command):
def execute(self, env, budget):
return Message("the valid commands are 'reply', 'ask', 'reflect', 'view', and 'ask@N'"), False, None, 1
def parse_command(s):
return command.parseString(s, parseAll=True)[0]
except pp.ParseException:
return MalformedCommand()
def parse_message(s):
return message.parseString(s, parseAll=True)[0]
except pp.ParseException:
return Message("<<malformed message>>")
def raw(s):
return pp.Literal(s).suppress()
number = pp.Word("0123456789").setParseAction(lambda t : int(t[0]))
prose = pp.Word(" ,!?+-/*.;:_<>=&%{}[]\'\"" + pp.alphas).leaveWhitespace()
agent_referent = (raw("@")+ number).leaveWhitespace()
agent_referent.setParseAction(lambda x : Pointer(x[0], Channel))
message_referent = (raw("#") + number).leaveWhitespace()
message_referent.setParseAction(lambda x : Pointer(x[0], Message))
message = pp.Forward()
submessage = raw("(") + message + raw(")")
argument = submessage | agent_referent | message_referent
literal_message = (
pp.Optional(prose, default="") +
pp.ZeroOrMore(argument + pp.Optional(prose, default=""))
).setParseAction(lambda xs : Message(tuple(unweave(xs)[0]), *unweave(xs)[1]))
message << (message_referent ^ literal_message)
target_modifier = raw("@")+number
target_modifier.setParseAction(lambda xs : ("recipient", Pointer(xs[0], type=Channel)))
budget_modifier = raw("$")+number
budget_modifier.setParseAction(lambda xs : ("budget", xs[0]))
ask_modifiers = pp.ZeroOrMore(target_modifier ^ budget_modifier)
ask_modifiers.setParseAction(lambda xs : dict(list(xs)))
ask_command = (raw("ask")) + ask_modifiers + message
ask_command.setParseAction(lambda xs : Ask(xs[1], **xs[0]))
reply_command = (raw("reply") | raw("return")) + message
reply_command.setParseAction(lambda xs : Return(xs[0]))
reflect_command = raw("reflect")
reflect_command.setParseAction(lambda xs : Reflect())
view_command = raw("view") + message
view_command.setParseAction(lambda xs : View(xs[0]))
command = ask_command | reply_command | reflect_command | view_command