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Illuminated DJ Table

A custom DJ Table designed and built for Steve Beyer Productions, featuring LED illumination effects programmed in-house.


DJ operator selects color or animation style, brightness from a small liquid-resistant controller.


  1. Static color, dialed in by sweeping a potentiometer through the RGB color wheel, with slight sparkling effect
  2. Prismatic colors jainbow chase
  3. Blue & Yellow classic arcade game chase animation
  4. Magenta and silver "CGA"-palette inspired Larson cylon scanner, starting at center
  5. Red & Yellow full-width & crossover phaser Larson scanner
  6. Pearlescent Party white plasma

Brightness/dimmer dial

Controller Hardware

( #part numbers)

  1. #2590 Adafruit Metro Mini 5v (Arduino Uno R3 or Arduino 5v Micro)
  2. #903 Enclosure
  3. #761 Cable Gland
  4. #744 Cable Set
  5. #1734 NeoPixel 8mm 5-pack
  6. #2172 8mm LED holder bezel
  7. #562 10k potentiometer (2 quantity)
  8. #2047 White Knob
  9. #1504 Green Button
  10. #1505 Black Button

Lighting Hardware

  1. #1138 7 meters Neopixel 60/meter LED Strip
  2. #658 10A 5V Power Supply (2 quantity)
  3. #368 DC Power Adapter (2 quantity)
  4. #1589 Capacitor (2 quantity)
  5. #1644 Strip Clips (10 quantity)

Audio & Power Hardware

  1. Leviton 15A 125V Flanged Inlet Receptacle, 1-3/4" diameter hole, Amazon #B00004YUKT
  2. XLR 3-Pin Male Panel Mount Chassis Socket Connector, 3/4" hole, Amazon #B00X7BDO7A (3 quantity)
  3. 7-Outlet Power Strip with 12-foot cord, Amazon #B000UCZILE
  4. 10-foot XLR audio cable (3 quantity)


Install one LED strip to the upper/outer edge of DJ table facade, other LED strip to lower/inner edge. Removable controller module attaches via wire plug and center-positive power plug. (I use white conductor for outter strip, yellow inner strip)

Table fabrication based upon 3D model built in Sketch Up Make. Double-frosted plexiglass.

Two power outlets on one electrical extension strip, ~100 Watts total.


  • Design & Production: Steve Beyer Productions
  • 3D Model: Paul Gorman, with help from Dream Entertainment in Las Vegas
  • Arduino Code: Paul Gorman, with help from tutorials & web-based IDE


Beats me. Please contact Steve Beyer Productions.


LED Illuminated DJ Table with Arduino & Neopixels



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