Redux documentation in PDF, ePub and MOBI formats for offline reading.
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For advanced users: create your own PDF, ePub, or MOBI versions of the Redux documentation for offline reading
  • install Calibre

  • add it to your path:

    $ ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin
  • install gitbook using npm:

    $ npm install gitbook-cli -g
  • clone the Redux repository to somewhere like ~/repositories/redux.

  • then EITHER use the create-docs script from this repository:

    • clone this repository to ~/repositories/redux-offline-docs
    • cp ~/repositories/redux-offline-docs/create-docs ~/repositories/redux
    • cd ~/repositories/redux/ && ./create-docs
    • the script assumes that the redux and redux-offline-docs folders are siblings. You'll need to adjust the path in create-docs if you have other folder locations.
  • OR run the following commands in ~/repositories/redux:

    $ gitbook pdf . docs/redux-documentation.pdf
    $ gitbook epub . docs/redux-documentation.epub
    $ gitbook mobi . docs/