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tslint-auto-disable is a command line tool that automatically inserts a comment // tslint:disable-next-line before lines failing to comply with tslint rules.


TSLint is a fantastic static analysis tool which offers a wide range of linting rules to make code cleaner, safer and to avoid potential bugs.

Unfortunately, adopting TSLint initially or adopting new rules in an existing code base of significant size can be a lot of work as it means that either all errors have to be fixed right a way or that the severity level has to be lowered to warning. This prevents the new rules from being enforced for new code.

This is where tslint-auto-disable comes in: When adopting TSLint or adopting new rules, one can run tslint-auto-disable once to insert disable comments above the offending lines. This makes the code base pass the linting step, meaning that linting rules can be enforced immediately for new code. Existing code which does not comply with the rules will be littered with disable comments, these can be cleaned up over time.

Installation and Usage

tslint-auto-disable can be installed from npm:

$ npm install tslint-auto-disable

To use it, the tsconfig.json and tslint.json files must be specified:

$ npx tslint-auto-disable -p tsconfig.json -c tslint.json

Warning: tslint-auto-disable is realtively early stage and while it has been used successfully on a few code bases and has a test suite indicating it should work as intended, it does rewrite your source files, so you probably want to have things committed / backed up before running it.