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BlueSCSI tools for the Commodore Amiga.

2 utilities for managing a BlueSCSI V2 or ZuluSCSI in a Commodore Amiga.

You can select the device/unit from the properties of the icon. Optionally you can specify these on the command line.

CD Changer

The CD Changer allows you to swap between CD ISO images on your SD card on the fly.

CD Changer CD Changer ZuluSCSI

SD Transfer

The SD Transfer tool allows you to transfer files from the SD card to the Amiga.

CD Changer


  • 1.1 (13.05.2024) SCSI Command Descriptor length should be 10 bytes, not 6 as per the Toolbox Developer Docs. Corrected. This may have been causing the SCSI stack to crash when selecting a non-BlueSCSI device.
  • 1.2 (18.05.2024) Thanks to Stefan Reinauer for adding support for the ZuluSCSI! (
  • 1.2c (18.06.2024) Removed some OS3.2 utility.library functions so older OS versions are suported. Strncpy => strncpy, Strncat => strncat.

BlueSCSI is copyright Eric Helgeson. The BlueSCSI name and logo used with permission.