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PDF Merging (pdf/merger)

by Paul Schreiber

Github repo

Merge PDFs using iText.


require "pdf/merger"
failure_list = []
pdf =
pdf.add_file "foo.pdf"
pdf.add_file "bar.pdf"
pdf.add_javascript "this.print(true);"
pdf.save_as "combined.pdf", failure_list



# Gemfile.rb
gem 'rjb'
gem 'pdf-merger'

As always:

$ bundle install
$ rails server


On some systems, such as Linux, you need to manually set the encoding. If you don't do that, merging on filenames with special characters will fail with a (not found as file or resource).

I added this line to my environments/production.rb to fix the problem:

# environments/production.rb
ENV["LC_ALL"] = "en_US.utf8"


Copyright 2010-14 Paul Schreiber. Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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