Index the antlr3 AST through a Neo4j graph
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Index the antlr3 AST through a Neo4j graph.

ASTs generated by antlr(X) are cool and helpful, but a bit unhandy and boring to traverse. The most natural way to traverse a tree like that is a directed graph.

So, welcome graphlr. It's basically an extended Java6 antlr grammar, which in parallel to the AST builds an inpersistent Neo4j graph and links its nodes to the relevant AST entries.

That way, one can easily jump into the AST without having to recursively traverse it. Just use Cypher to find the relevant nodes and to procede from there. contains some examples. This is a very pre-alpha bloody state. I still need to create more nodes, relationship. And right now, I'm bad in building a stack while parsing, so I exactly know where a method has been implemented, where the fields or variable declarations belong to etc. And I need to have a mode how to index an existing AST, so I can use this in my Sonar fork. And, of course, this documentation sucks.

But anyway, it's a start. Feel free to comment and to contribute.