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Rickyroll your boss while preserving the element of surprise
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Have you ever wanted to rickyroll your boss but found that links like, and (ekhm) were way too obvious? Well, I did. A couple of times actually.

So I made this. And now you can trick your boss too. You're welcome.

Last seen at (and all domains listed below).


Domains are meant to be interchangeable - I bought current ones for 2 cents each and will probably change them when they expire. Each redirect works on all domains.

Currently linked domains:

Feel free to contact me and 'donate' new ones : -)

Malicious redirects

Please contact me if you found a redirect that was malicious, as I realize that this can possibly be used in such way. It's the opposite of my intentions and I try to prevent that in a couple of ways but (unfortunately) nothing is perfect.


Package source code is available at GitHub.

Feel free to use, ask, fork, star, report bugs, fix them, suggest enhancements, add functionality and point out any mistakes. Thanks!

Also, take a look here if you want to run Fakester locally.


Package was tested with the help of py.test and tox on Python 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 with Django 1.11 (see tox.ini).

Code coverage is available at Coveralls.

To run tests yourself you need to set environment variable with Django secret key before running tox inside the repository:

$ export SECRET_KEY='...'
$ pip install tox
$ tox


Developed and maintained by Paweł Adamczak.

Released under MIT License.

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