📊 :octocat: BW framework for modern transformation handle, speeds up work.
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BW Transfomation Pocketknife 📊

Software for modern transformation handle, now you dont have to edit all of them and add class inside.

How it works?

Full-size link: https://gfycat.com/pl/BasicDamagedAmericangoldfinch

What is this?

This is a framework for better transformation handling in SAP BW. Normally you have to edit all transformation and create a new class, and add method in start or end routine. This development can do this for you, all you have to do is give a transformation ID.

Naming conventions

This project using a following naming conventions:



  • Start/End routine class handle
  • Customization table with maintenance view

Next versions

  • Create default trfn between dsos,
  • Support for existing code move to class,
  • Show/create trfn in web ?