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This is the IRC bot Rodney, as used on FreeNode's #NetHack.

# Need to run these as root.

cpan -i YAML
cpan -fi POE
cpan -i POE::Component::IRC
cpan -i URI::Escape
cpan -i Math::Expression::Evaluator
cpan -i Try::Tiny
cpan -i Thread::Queue
cpan -i DBD::SQLite
apt-get install bsdgames  # for pom

Other Files:
./data/learn.dat         - !learn database
./data/bugcache.txt      - cached data for !bug, as scraped from
./data/messages.db       - sqlite db for !message
./data/nh343/            - contains the nethack 3.4.3 source files (for !grepsrc)
./data/nh343monsters.txt - contains monster names, in plain text, one on each line
./data/nh343objects.txt  - same, but for object names
./data/seen.db           - sqlite db for !seen
./log/channels/          - contains one file for each channel the bot is in, eg. #nethack.log