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Reference app for using Payabbhi React Native plugin
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Payabbhi React Native Sample app

This is a reference app for enabling Payments acceptance using Payabbhi React Native plugin.

Running the sample app

Make sure you have signed up for your Payabbhi Account and downloaded the API keys from the Portal.

  1. Run the following commands to include payabbhi-react-native module
$ npm i react-native-payabbhi --save
$ npm install
  1. Provide suitable values for the following in App.js:
  • <access_id>
  • <amount>
  1. Add logic to get order_id from your Mobile Backend (server-side code)

    TIP: An alternative to having a Mobile Backend for running the sample App is:

    1. Generate a unique order_id using curl
    2. Copy/paste the generated order_id in App.js
    3. Once a successful test transaction is completed for a particular order, repeat the above steps
    curl \
      -u access_id:secret_key \
      -d amount=100 \
      -d merchant_order_id=ordRefNo123456 \
      -d currency=INR

    Provide suitable value for the following in App.js:

    • <order_id>
  2. Start the android application

$ react-native run-android
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