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  1. pos-proxy pos-proxy Public

    Connect to a POS terminal via simple API

    Java 16 2

  2. reader-example reader-example Public

    Example application for mPos reader SDK, Miura (Shuttle, M010) and Spire (spm2, spm20)

    Java 14 8

  3. PaynetEasyReader PaynetEasyReader Public

    PaynetEasyReader SDK provides easy integration with mPOS readers in mobile apps. Miura (Shuttle, M010) and Spire (spm2, spm20)

    Objective-C 11 3

  4. srvlog srvlog Public

    Syslog Collector, Viewer and Searcher

    JavaScript 6 3

  5. jdbc-proc jdbc-proc Public

    jdbc-proc provides mappings from POJOs to stored procedures

    Java 6 4

  6. superfly superfly Public

    Centralized web authentication system for Java

    Java 5 9


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