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RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter

Important: this project has been transfered from PayPal team to RESTEasy team.

All future versions are going to be managed and released from

This Git repo will be kept here for historical purposes only.

There was no RESTEasy Spring Boot starter out there, so PayPal team decided to create one and share it with the community.

This Spring Boot starter is fully functional, has ZERO PayPal specific code on it, and can be used normally by any regular Spring Boot application that wants to have REST endpoints and prefers RESTEasy as the JAX-RS implementation.

Also, this RESTEasy Spring Boot starter integrates with Spring as expected, which means every JAX-RS REST resource that is also a Spring bean will be automatically auto-scanned, integrated, and available.


  • Enables RESTEasy for Spring Boot applications
  • Supports JAX-RS providers, resources and sub-resources as Spring beans
  • Supports automatic discovery and registration of multiple JAX-RS Application classes as Spring beans
  • Supports optional registration of JAX-RS Application classes via class-path scanning, or manually, via configuration properties (or YAML) file
  • Leverages and supports RESTEasy configuration
  • Supports RESTEasy Asynchronous Job Service

Quick start

Adding POM dependency

Add the Maven dependency below to your Spring Boot application pom file.


Registering JAX-RS application classes

Just define your JAX-RS application class (a subclass of Application) as a Spring bean, and it will be automatically registered. See the example below. See section JAX-RS application registration methods in How to use RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter for further information.


import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

public class JaxrsApplication extends Application {

Registering JAX-RS resources and providers

Just define them as Spring beans, and they will be automatically registered. Notice that JAX-RS resources can be singleton or request scoped, while JAX-RS providers must be singletons.

Further information

See How to use RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter.

Release notes

See RESTEasy Spring Boot starter release notes.


  • sample-app: A simple Spring Boot application that exposes JAX-RS endpoints as Spring beans using RESTEasy via this RESTEasy Spring Boot starter.
  • resteasy-spring-boot-starter: The RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter project.
  • resteasy-spring-boot-starter-test: Integration tests for the RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter project.

Reporting an issue

Please open an issue using our GitHub issues page.


You are very welcome to contribute to RESTEasy Spring Boot starter! Read our Contribution guidelines.

Contacting us

To contact us, please send an email to


This project is licensed under the Apache 2 License.

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