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The construct and digital rain from The Matrix in WebVR.
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Inside the Matrix VR

MIT website

This project is a fan remake of the iconic construct scene and the digital rain from The Matrix for WebVR. I wanted to experiment with VR on the web for some time. Then I found a cool collection of models from the film on Sketchfab which gave me the perfect excuse.

I have the Oculus Quest, and that's what I tested it on. Let me know if you run to any issues using other devices. If you don't have a headset, you can also run it in 360-mode.

Have an idea how to make this better? Submit an issue or make a PR.


In the construct, I used the incredibly detailed models by Rodrigo Villani and Sirenko available under CC-BY-4.0.

For the digital rain, I stole the msdf font and some other ideas from Rezmason's much more polished 2D version.

I also used sound effects by these awesome people:

The fonts are IBM Plex and Source Sans Pro.

And the rest of it is three.js which makes working with WebGL really way easier than it should be 🚀.

Thank you all!

Future Work

  • Add support for controllers — The original idea was to change the scene only after the user picks up the red pill. I didn't get around to it yet.
  • Randomise the digital rain more — I was hitting some performance issues, but I'm pretty sure the shader could be improved to make the drops more random.
  • Test with more headsets — It would be great to know whether this works on Vive/Rift/GearVR etc.
  • Anti-aliasing — The renderer flag didn't work for me. The FXAA pass was giving me weird flickering results in VR, probably because of something stupid.
  • Refactoring — The project came out of many hours of experiments within a single file called texture_shader.html. You can imagine, it took me a while to untangle :D. There's always more to be done...


To get this working on your machine, clone the repo as usual and run yarn to install the dependencies. Run the following command to start a local server:

yarn serve

To generate a deployable build, run:

yarn build

I ended up bundling a slightly modified build of three.js with the project, mainly to make post-processing work in VR. If you see a weird issue, it's probably my fault.


The code in this repo is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

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