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Reverse-engineered Commodore +4 game "Treasure Island" by Greg Duddle published by Mr. Micro Ltd. in 1985.

Game info:

Play the game online:

The game

The repository contains all the reverse-engineered data for the game. Also, there is a new HTML5 re-implementation that can be played in any modern browser. The JS implementation does not use any game engine, everything is in plain "modern" Javascript.

The HTML version can be found in "HTML" folder. To control the actor plase use these keys:

  • CURSOR LEFT = To move actor left
  • CURSOR RIGHT = To move actor right
  • CURSOR UP = To move actor up
  • CURSOR DOWN = To move actor down
  • SPACE BAR = To fire sword (if available)

The online version of the game is available at

Please take a look at the screen shots from the game:

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

Graphical tool

The repository also contains a small graphical tool which I used to convert original multicolor graphics to PNG image file. The graphical tool uses SDL2 library. You can buid & run the tool with

$ make && make run

Alt text

Assemble reverse-engineered code

The reverse-engineered assembly code can be assembled to .PRG format with KickAssemble, just by using the included Makefile

$ make game

The make file will assemble the code and run the game in Vice emulator.

To run the original unaltered game you can do that from Makefile as well with

$ make original

Used tools

The whole reverse-engineering was done with excellent jc64dis The treasure_island.dis file is also included in the repository so you can "continue" my work if there is something that I missed.

Additional features

New game menu has been added, with options for cheat and to utilize the path finding algorithm to navigate user through the labyrinth. To enter the in game manu press 'M'.

Alt text

The menu options are

  • "SUPERHERO JIM" = To make Jim a superhero
  • "INTELIGENT J.L.S" = John Long Silver also uses path finding to find the actor
  • "USE GPS NAVIGATION" = To mark in the room the exit where the actor should go to the next target. First the actor will be navigated to the nearest pickable, If there is no more pickable items, then the actor will be navigated to the treasure chest and after that to the ship.


Reverse-engineered Commodore +4 game "Treasure Island" by Greg Duddle published by Mr. Micro Ltd. in 1985.






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