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yet another aur helper in ruby
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An aurget-like helper written in ruby.


  1. Easier to hack on (97% test coverage)
  2. Useful debug output (pretty colors!)
  3. It's very fast (compared to aurget at least)

Try it

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle
$ bundle exec bin/raury --help

Install it

$ curl | bash

Arch users can use the PKGBUILD.


usage: raury [command] [options] [arguments]

    -S, --sync                       Process packages
    -u, --upgrade                    Upgrade packages
    -s, --search                     Search for packages
    -i, --info                       Show info for packages

    -d, --download                   Stop after downloading
    -e, --extract                    Stop after extracting
    -b, --build                      Stop after building
    -y, --install                    Install after building
    -q, --quiet                      Print only names

        --build-dir DIR              Set build directory
        --ignore PKG                 Ignore package
        --[no-]color                 Colorize output
        --[no-]confirm               Require confirmation
        --[no-]deps                  Resolve dependencies
        --[no-]devs                  Include development packages
        --[no-]edit                  Edit PKGBUILDs
        --[no-]source                Source for dependencies
        --[no-]threaded              Be multi-threaded

        --version                    Show version
        --debug                      Show debug output

    -h, --help                       Display this screen

These options can be passed to makepkg:

    -c, --clean                      Clean up work files after build
    -f, --force                      Overwrite existing package
    -L, --log                        Log package build process
    -r, --rmdeps                     Remove installed dependencies after a successful build
        --asroot                     Allow makepkg to run as root user
        --sign                       Sign the resulting package with gpg
        --skipinteg                  Do not perform any verification checks on source files


For default behavior, please see the DEFAULTS hash here.

Any of these values can be overridden via $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/rauaryrc (or $HOME/.rauryrc if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set)


# vim: ft=yaml:

build_directory: ~/Sources
resolve:         true
source:          true
edit:            never
keep_devels:     true
makepkg_options: ['-c', '-r']



$ rake


$ rake rdoc
$ $BROWSER ./doc/index.html

Also available here.

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