Trade-school operations system for managing student information, class schedules, and equipment loan
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Built for a photography/business school that is no longer in operation, this system managed student information, class schedules and attendance-taking, and equipment loan. It also was used to generate printed material like manual attendance lists and student face-sheets. It replaced and superseded several FileMaker databases, a proprietary MS Access app, many Excel spreadsheets, and lots of paper.

Large-group classes had attendance kiosks where students would scan their ID barcodes to sign in; these kiosks' web browsers were set to load the /scan/ page and had USB barcode readers that entered the scanned ID numbers and send a carriage return to submit the form.

For smaller classes, instructors took attendance manually on-screen, or via their phones.

The school had a lending library of photography equipment, which was managed through this system as well, including grouping equipment into "kits", assessing late-return penalties, and so on.

To understand the code, read the doctests. I haven't worked on it in many years, I found them informative myself!

Note: This is a legacy system. Porting to modern Django shouldn't be too laborious, but if you want to try it out as-is you'll need Django 0.97. Retro!