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The official PC-BSD git repository
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The official PC-BSD git repository

Source Map

build-files/ Contains iso image configuration files, package settings, dummy port settings, and build settings.

overlays/ Files included on our install images, scripts, and role settings for the installer.

src-qt5/ C++ Code for pcbsd-utils-qt5 package, which builds into all the various PC-BSD related GUI utilities.

Note: Qt5 build tools are located in "/usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/" rather than "/usr/local/bin/"

Requires Qt5 to build / run

To create the Makefile in src-qt5, make sure devel/qt5 is installed on your system and then run: % cd src-qt5 && /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qmake

pbi-modules/ Contains PC-BSD's PBI .conf files.

retired/ Any PC-BSD utilities or files that are no longer in use.

src-sh/ Shell code which builds into pcbsd-utils package. Scripts, backends and various CLI related utilities for TrueOS & PC-BSD.

src-webui/ All the code for the AppCafe WEB interface.

Contacting Us

IRC (FreeNode)

pcbsd-dev (Developer questions / talk)

pcbsd (General user information)

Mailing Lists

Bug Tracker

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