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The official PC-BSD git repository
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The official PC-BSD git repository

Source Map


Contains iso image configuration files, package settings, dummy port settings, and build settings.


Files included on our install images, scripts, and role settings for the installer.


C++ Code for pcbsd-utils-qt5 package, which builds into all the various PC-BSD related GUI utilities.

Note: Qt5 build tools are located in /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/ rather than /usr/local/bin/

Requires Qt5 to build / run

To create the Makefile in src-qt5, make sure devel/qt5 is installed on your system and then run: % cd src-qt5 && /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qmake


Contains PC-BSD's PBI .conf files.


Any PC-BSD utilities or files that are no longer in use.


Shell code which builds into pcbsd-utils package. Scripts, backends and various CLI related utilities for TrueOS & PC-BSD.


All the code for the AppCafe WEB interface.

Contacting Us

IRC (FreeNode)

#pcbsd-dev (Developer questions / talk)

#pcbsd (General user information)

Mailing Lists

Bug Tracker

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