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My first iOS app written with RubyMotion.

Very simple double timer for helping me do my PT exercises and stretches (from this point referred to as just 'exercises').

PT exercises usually require you to hold some position for some length of time.  Because I'm bad at counting while in pain I tried to use a simple timer to help me count.  But that required I manually stop and start it.  So I set the timer to repeat.  But that didn't give me enough time to rest between reps.  So I added the rest amount to my timer.  But then I had to watch the timer in order to know when I should stop since I could no longer rely on any sort of "done" notification (a ding usually).  So ideally I'd want two timers.  One to 'ding' when I'm done holding the exercise, and one to give me a simple delay before starting the timer again.  Thus this app was born.


* Create a new Exercise giving it a name and two times.  The first (hold) time is how long you must hold the exercise.  The second (reset) time is how long it takes you to return to the start position of the exercise.

For example, one exercise I have requires me to lay on my back and lift one leg straight out at about a 45 degree angle.  I must hold my leg there for 5 seconds, then slowly bring the leg down to 1" from the ground.  Then left the leg back up to 45 degrees and repeat.

So for this exercise I would add a hold timer of 5 seconds and a reset timer of 10 seconds (it took some counting on my part to determine how long it takes me to 1) lower the leg to 1" from the ground and 2) bring the leg back up to 45 degrees so you may have to experiment with your own).


* Implement split pane view on iPad horizontal layout
* Implement Swipe to Delete
* Allow editing existing timers
* Add a rep counter which will fire off another sound and stop the timers when the number of reps
reaches that counter
* Reset the timer controller when the user goes back to the main view
* Prompt user with a small error msg if they don't put in a name (or timer_one, timer_two?) on new timer
* Only reloadData when coming back from a save call, not cancel.
* Implement a countdown to start when they initially hit "Start"
* Have the reset timer beep at 3,2,1.


* On the iPad the form (and I assume timers) look terrible.  Need to be auto resized.
* Hitting reset does not reset reps
* If you go back to the exercises list while a timer is running, it continues to run.
* I'm still seeing some sound delay when I start/stop the timer a lot.
* Button text change doesn't happen at the same time button backgroundColor change occurs

Stretch goals:

* Splash screen
* Customizable sound notifications
* Ability to create an arbitrary number of timers