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CS 595G at UCSB

Welcome to 595g! This repo will help guide you through various important aspects of your server.


These servers are in place to facilitate a consistent environment for use in solving challenges. As such, challenges will be distributed through the server infrastructure. You can find currently live challenges in /opt/challenges/.

During initial testing, you will likely want to attack the service running on your local box in order to get the best view of the outcome (e.g. using gdb). However, in your final solution scripts, you will need to modify your scripts to attack the vuln server. The vuln server is located at

You will also submit your solutions via your server. To submit a solution, place your solution script in the directory at/opt/solutions/<challenge name>/ where the name is the same as in the challenges directory. Don't worry your solution being in any particular format -- I will read your code and figure it out myself. (Obviously, follow good programming practices and make it readable ...)

Read for more information on submitting solutions.

In order to provide the most real-world environment possible, you have root access on your server. You can run commands as root using sudo. No password is required when doing this as the ubuntu user. Be careful. Consider what you are doing before executing commands as root.

The slides for the class are available on


  • There is a python virtual environment set up for you with some basic tools. You can access it with workon ctf.

  • The challenges (and this README) are publicly available:

  • You can use scp to easily transfer files between your computer and server.


There are several restrictions in place on your servers to protect their integrity:

  1. No inbound traffic is allowed on ports 5000-5999 ("challenge ports")

  2. Inbound public traffic is only allowed on port 22 (ssh)

The vuln server is slightly different:

  1. Vuln servers can only be attacked from inside the cloud network (i.e. only from your server).


These servers are provided for your benefit. Do not abuse this privilege.

  1. Do not attack infrastructure that is not part of a challenge.

  2. Do not attack other students, except where explicitly allowed.

  3. Follow all UCSB computer use policy.

  4. Do not remove my key (labeled manager) from your authorized keys.

  5. Do not shut down your server (restarting is fine).

  6. These servers are not for private use. Do not store sensitive data on them.

  7. Do not perform non-class related activites on these servers.

  8. Do not write to /opt/595g-files or ~/595g-files. (I will overwrite it.)

If you accidentally violate one of these rules, please let me know as soon as possible, and I'll work with you to fix it.

If I find you in intentional or severe violation of these rules, I reserve the right to terminate or disconnect your server.