2013 Chicago Marathon Results Analysis
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2013 Chicago Marathon Results

This consists of two parts: A python-based scraper to grab the results into CSV format, and an IPython Notebook used to analyze the results using the venerable pandas data analysis library.

The scraper can also work with past years, not just 2013, but I have not tested it out.

The scraper was tested out on Python 2.7.x.

Using the scraper

First, clone the repository and cd to the directory.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you can run the scraper with the following command: (Will save it to file called chicago_marathon_results.csv)

python chicago_marathon_results_scraper.py 2013 -n 1000 > chicago_marathon_results.csv

To view the output as well, you can use tee like so:

python chicago_marathon_results_scraper.py 2013 -n 1000 | tee chicago_marathon_results.csv

For other usage, use the --help option:

python chicago_marathon_results_scraper.py --help