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Mocap.js - motion capture for webpages


So it's been 10 years since minority report came out, and I think the question that came to everyone's mind was "how close are we to being able to do that cool user interface in a browser?"...just me?...

Anyway, here's a basic direction capture library that's at least a start, check out the explainitory demo here.

Usage: (subject to change)

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <div id='output'></div>

  <script src="./js/mocap.js"></script>
    var ms = new motionSensor();

    document.addEventListener('motion', function(e){
      document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = e.detail.dir;

Browser Support

Gold standard

  • Chrome - full support for mocap.js
  • Opera - full support for mocap.js, but doesn't support the 3D transforms used in the demo


  • Firefox - currently works in nightly (FF17), but requires a settings flag


  • IE - not on <10, not sure about 10 indications are good though

Wooden Spoon

  • Safari - doesn't yet support getUserMedia


Licensed under a MIT license, see