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pCloud filesystem client
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pCloud filesystem client NOTE: this filesystem is obsolete. The new version can be found in the pclsync repo at .

To compile, you need fuse and the openssl headers. In debian, they're in libssl-dev and libfuse-dev, in fedora in fuse-devel and openssl-devel.

Setup instructions on systemd based machines

Install pfs

(sudo) yum install fuse-devel openssl-devel
git clone
cd pfs
(sudo) make install

Get auth token


And keep the auth bit. Note that this is not required, but otherwise you'll have to put your username and password in the service file.


Create a systemd service

gedit /usr/lib/systemd/system/pfs.service

And paste in:

Description=pCloud mount

User=<your user>
Group=<your user>
ExecStart=/usr/bin/mount.pfs --auth <you auth token here> /run/media/<your user>/pCloud
ExecStop=/usr/bin/umount /run/media/<your user>/pCloud


Activate it via:

(sudo) systemctl enable pfs.service

Compilation and manual mount on debian/ubuntu

Install dependencies and compile pfs

(sudo) apt-get install fuse-dbg libssl-dbg
git clone
cd pfs
(sudo) make install

Get auth token


You will see output similar to the following:

	"auth": "PhOAAAZ2YPXZEf999Rj8Ewz7abHR28hgNmxN9YGX",
	"emailverified": true,
	"quota": 11811160064,
	"result": 0,
	"premium": false,
	"usedquota": 1590902549,
	"language": "en",
	"userid": 12345,
	"email": "",
	"registered": "Thu, 01 Nov 2014 10:10:10 +0000"

Take note of the auth token which you need to mount the drive.

Mount pDrive

mkdir /mnt/pdrive
mount.pfs --auth <you auth token here> /mnt/pdrive
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