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'define name' breaks the builder #8

datton opened this Issue · 2 comments

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datton Peter Cottle

Windows 7, Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m

To reproduce:

  • build level
  • define name

This just hangs without displaying a dialog -- the green up/down arrow is displayed beside the command. Further commands do nothing. "Uncaught Error: woah we dont support that method yet" is display in console after typing define name.


Uncaught Error: woah we dont support that method yet bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1
v.extend.processLevelBuilderCommand bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1
a.trigger bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1
f.Model.extend.processCommand bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1
f.Model.extend.popAndProcess bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1
f.Model.extend.sipFromBuffer bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1
(anonymous function) bundle.min.16cb085d.js:1

Peter Cottle

Gah, this is embarassing. Should be able to fix in a second, I think I just renamed the method...

Peter Cottle pcottle referenced this issue from a commit
Peter Cottle Fixes Issue #8 9c7e570
Peter Cottle

Thanks for the heads up!! I've been testing in Prod all afternoon...

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