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Miro Community 1.10.0

  • Upgraded to vidscraper 1.0.X.
  • Switched thumbnail saving to use ImageFields.
  • Upgraded theme handling.
  • Moved "submission requires email address" setting to SiteSettings.
  • Removed OriginalVideo model.
  • Removed filesystem timestamps.
  • Removed legacy commands: update_index_in_tmpdir
  • Upgraded daguerre to use more efficient bulk adjustments.
  • Set up amara use as default for video embeds.
  • Improved feed efficiency with prefetch_related.
  • Corrected issues with relative thumbnail URLs in widgets and feeds.

Miro Community 1.9.1

  • Switched to nose for tests.
  • Added tox integration.
  • Added selenium tests.
  • Cleaned up grid list CSS/HTML.
  • Moved auth functionality to top navbar.
  • Switched adding/editing sources to use pages rather than overlays.
  • Made sure haystack indexing pks are distinct.
  • Switched social authentication to django-social-auth.
  • Removed "Newsletter" functionality.
  • Corrected video thumbnail handling in generated feeds.

Miro Community 1.9

  • Renamed :class:`~localtv.SiteLocation` to :class:`~localtv.SiteSettings`.
  • Video submission extra_init hack removed and replaced with class-based views. Though these are not strictly backwards-compatible from the backend, the user experience and template contexts should be the same.
  • New responsive front-end styles using sass/compass.
  • New documentation, esp. as regards contributing to miro community.
  • Switched to Django 1.4.
  • Switched from django-voting to built-in contrib voting functionality.
  • Purged all tiers-related code.
  • Switched to django-daguerre for thumbnail resizing.
  • Added read-only tastypie API for some aspects of Miro Community.
  • Improved/simplified search code.
  • Set up Category model to use django-mptt.
  • Stopped using bitly to store long file urls.
  • Moved :class:`Video` validation to the model class from the :func:`video_from_vidscraper_video` task.

Miro Community 1.8.6

  • Bumped Django requirement due to security releases.
  • Stopped verification of submitted URLs' existence.

Miro Community 1.8.5

  • Corrected a bug in feed import thumbnail handling.

Miro Community 1.8.4

  • Corrected database referencing during source imports.
  • Eliminated a thumbnail vs. source import race condition which was re-marking videos as pending.

Miro Community 1.8.3

  • Brought test cases and example project dependencies up to date.
  • Corrected some missing imports.
  • Added a catch for errors while saving video m2m relationships during source imports.

Miro Community 1.8.2

  • Added instance creation methods to new test cases.

  • Disabled haystack indexing during fixture loading for legacy tests.

  • Disabled haystack indexing during source imports.

  • Added bulk indexing/removal support.

  • Added flexible class-based sorting for SortFilter classes.

  • Corrected feed caching issues.

  • Fixed non-functional search feeds.

  • Standardized handling of video popularity between the front page and the popular videos listing page.

    • This includes a new update_popularity management command, which should be run at least once per day.
  • Fix to video preview size in the admin live search.

  • Fix for the admin unapproved videos feed.

  • Deleting a source, user, or site will now remove all related videos from the search index.

Miro Community 1.8.1

  • Various bugfixes for issues raised in the 1.8 release, such as:
    • Listing sorting
    • Feed caching
    • Video submission templates and template context
    • Feed unicode errors
  • Removed patch_settings hack from :mod:`localtv.tasks`

Miro Community 1.8

New Features

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • localtv.context_processor is now located at localtv.context_processors.localtv and no longer adds request to the context. The request can be included in the context by adding django.core.context_processors.request to the TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting.
  • :meth:`request.sitelocation` has been removed in favor of the more explicit :meth:`SiteLocation.objects.get_current`.
  • localtv.FixAJAXMiddleware was moved to localtv.middleware.FixAJAXMiddleware.
  • localtv.SiteLocationMiddleware was moved to localtv.middleware.UserIsAdminMiddleware and no longer provides a shortcut method for fetching :class:`~localtv.SiteLocation`s on the request.

Other changes

  • Most code related to scraping videos was pushed back upstream to :mod:`vidscraper`.
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