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This is a simple, incomplete Android profiler. It's especially good for testing Fennec 1, but it can be used for any Android app.


You'll need the following to build from source.

  • The Android SDK, version 8 (version 5 will not work) with the adb utility.
  • The Android NDK, release 5b or later.
  • Objective Caml 2.
  • libcurl. You probably already have this installed, if you're on Mac or Linux.

To build:

  1. $ cd android/core
  2. $ cp Makefile.config.sample Makefile.config
  3. Edit Makefile.config and set the paths in it appropriately.
  4. $ cd ../..
  5. $ make -C android/core
  6. $ make -C android/driver
  7. $ make -C symbolicate

Alternately, you can skip steps 1-5 with the prebuilt binary on GitHub. Click on the "Downloads" button in the top right corner of the project page and download the prebuilt binary 3. Be warned that the prebuilt binary might be out of date; if you have trouble, try building from source.


Profile your app:

  1. Start your app.
  2. $ ./android/driver/piranha-driver android/core/piranha org.mozilla.fennec (replace org.mozilla.fennec with your app ID as applicable).
  3. Perform the action you'd like to profile on your mobile device.
  4. Press Return.

Add symbols to your profile:

  1. $ ./symbolicate/piranha-symbolicate profile.ebml profile-syms.ebml.

Use the web app to examine the results:

  1. Open analyzer/index.html in your web browser (only tested in Firefox 4 at the moment).
  2. Click the file chooser, and open your profile-syms.ebml file.


  • The Chromium project for the tab strip design.