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Authors: Po-Chen Wu

ObjViewer is a C++ program used for viewing .OBJ 3D model files. An .OBJ file can be accompanied by .MTL texture files. A .MTL file can be accompanied by other image files.

OBJ Viewer

System Requirements for Using ObjViewer

The system requirements for ObjViewer are shown below.

a. Supported Operating Systems and Architectures
  • Windows 10 (x64)
  • (Other OS may still be applicable)
b. Software Requirements

Program Description

ObjViewer is used for viewing .OBJ 3D model files. Users can also generate image sequences with a 3D model rendered according to specified poses.

Program Setup

  • Set Include Directories

Include Directories

  • Set Library Directories

Library Directories

  • Set Environment Variables


  • Set Additional Dependencies

Additional Dependencies

Generate Image Sequences

For image sequence generation, the procedure is shown below.


The batch file text content should be:
<model> <image> <camera> <poses> <blur> <noise> <output>

  • <model>: OBJ model file
  • <image>: Background image file
  • <camera>: Camera parameter file
  • <poses>: Poses file
  • <blur>: Sigma of Gaussian blur kernel
  • <noise>: Variance of Gaussian noise
  • <output>: Output directory