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This is the source code for tools.withcode.uk/sticker which I cobbled together as a digital sticker chart for potty training. I've shared it here in the hope that it may be useful for someone else to use or adapt.

Stickerchart logo

The idea is to display it somewhere highly visible (e.g smart TV) whilst potty training to help motivate and reward (bribe) a toddler and avoid accidents.

Android app screenshot

This code is published under MIT license which means you can adapt it and use it for whatever you like but please link back to the original source.

This code uses copyright free images but includes the JQuery library which is also published under the MIT license: https://jquery.org/license/

You can download a free (and ad-free) android app here

Find out more here: http://blog.withcode.uk/2017/08/free-potty-training-chart-ad-free-open-source-app-now-on-android/