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A hash function library
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Hash2, a hash function library

This library contains an extensible framework for implementing hashing algorithms that can support user-defined types, based on the paper "Types don't know #" by Howard Hinnant, Vinnie Falco and John Bytheway.

It also contains implementations of several popular hashing algorithms:

The hashing algorithms conform to the following concept:

struct HashAlgorithm
    typedef /*integral or array<byte_type, N>*/ result_type; // result type
    typedef /*unsigned integral*/ size_type; // how is container.size() hashed

    HashAlgorithm(); // default-constructible
    explicit HashAlgorithm( uint64_t seed ); // seed-constructible
    HashAlgorithm( byte_type const* seed, ptrdiff_t n ); // seed-constructible

    HashAlgorithm( HashAlgorithm const& r ); // copy-constructible
    HashAlgorithm& operator=( HashAlgorithm const& r ); // assignable

    void update( byte_type const* data, ptrdiff_t n ); // feed bytes

    result_type result(); // obtain result; also advances state,
                          // and can be called multiple times

Supported compilers

The library supports C++03 and does not require C++11. The following compilers:

  • g++ 4.4 or later
  • clang++ 3.3 or later
  • Visual Studio 2008 and above

are being tested on Travis and Appveyor.

In addition, Visual Studio 2005 is also supported.


None yet.

Planned Additions

  • Documentation (obv.)
  • SHA2-256, 384, 512
  • Support for endian-independent hashing
  • An std::hash-compatible adaptor
  • A type-erased hash_function
  • A hash2sum example


Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

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